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About Dr. Sage Wheeler ND

About Bellevue, WA

Sage Wheeler is a highly experienced and dedicated naturopathic physician, as well as the owner and director of SageMED. The underlying facet of Dr. Wheeler’s care is to integrate all forms of medicine using a holistic approach to help patients achieve exceptional health.

After Graduating from Bastyr University in 2009, Dr. Wheeler was the recipient of the competitive ITI-STAIR residency scholarship. This scholarship provided him with the opportunity to be mentored by both an ND and an MD. Working with both naturopathic and traditional western medicine, Dr. Wheeler was able to learn about the best aspects of both, and blends the best of both of these practices in his patient care.

In 2011, Dr. Wheeler established SageMED with the guiding principle that every patient deserves high quality, effective, and holistic medical care. At SageMED, patients can trust they will be treated with competency and compassion by all of our physicians.

Dr. Wheeler believes that education is vital to good medicine, and that cannot be done in a 10 minute visit. He enjoys spending time with his patients, delving into complex health issues, and providing robust science based information. He has additional training in functional endocrinology (balancing hormones), bio-identical hormone therapy, thyroid disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, and regenerative medicine (PRP and stem cell injections). He also focuses on diet, nutrition, and exercise prescriptions for optimal wellness and weight management. Dr. Wheeler excels in the treatment of osteoarthritis pain and is committed to helping you enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. He has also developed innovative and highly effective treatments for depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue.

Whether you are struggling with depression and fatigue or looking to simply enhance your sexual health and wellness, Dr. Wheeler can help you achieve your goals.